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Steel Terminal Demo / Español

Ubicada en el complejo industrial de Altamira, IPA STEEL TERMINAL es una terminal portuaria moderna de carga dedicada principalmente al manejo de productos de acero, carga general y carga proyecto.

Steel Terminal Demo / English

Located in the industrial complex of Altamira, IPA STEEL TERMINAL is a modern port terminal dedicated mainly to the handling of steel products, general cargo and project cargo.


Currently, STEEL TERMINAL handles a volume of 2 million tons per year of different types of rolls of galvanized steel, cold rolled and hot rolled, participating actively in the automotive sector, which grows in Mexico at 50% each year. IPA is an important part of the supply chain of raw materials and stamps for Chrysler, GM, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai among others.

Wind Towers

Since 2013, STEEL TERMINAL has been the main port of entry along the east coast of Mexico for steel products and several wind farm projects, managing more than 1,800 complete wind towers for Gamesa, General Electric, Vestas and Acciona.

Project Cargo

STEEL TERMINAL also participates actively in the project cargo sector, this is an articulated and complex sector that refers to the transport of certain goods that are characterized by their size, weight and complexity. This type of cargo implies integral and customized solutions in the logistics chain from the origin to the destination and requires a special management and transport system.


Thanks to the support and trust that our customers have placed, STEEL TERMINAL has handled more than 12 million tons of cargo since its beginning on April 2, 2009 until December 2018, IPA has also participated in three large gas pipeline projects moving more 1,500 km of specialized coated pipe.

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